ISHPA - Professional Spiritual Healer Designation

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ISHPA - Professional Spiritual Healer Designation

Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute
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Prerequisite Courses to this Designation:

1. You must have a Current ISHPA Membership

2. You must have Completed the following Courses: 

- Professional Practices, Ethics and Informed Consent Forms

Go to www.ishpa.com for details if you DO NOT meet the Prerequisites!

CLICK on "I Want This" to Complete the Application and Make your Payment!

You are purchasing an ISHPA - Professional Spiritual Healer designation with us. This is a One Time Fee. Maintaining your Membership assures your Professional Designation with us and or Certification with your Training Program Remains Valid!

You will receive an email Receipt after your Payment is Approved from us via the Gumroad email server (odd name).

It way take up to 2 weeks for your Application to be Processed and Approved.

Benefits: Use ISHPA PSH (Professional Spiritual Healer) after your Name and a Printable PDF Certificate via email. 

- Qualified to begin the ISHPA - Professional Spiritual Coach process.

- Healer Professional Practice Insurance Referrals.

- FREE Membership to the Spiritually Speaking Cafe' - Free CE'S Available

- FREE Facebook Group.

Requirement to Maintain Designation: Annual ISHPA Membership Renewal.

Our History

The International Spiritual Healer Professional Association (ISHPA) was founded in 2016.

ISHPA is a Spiritual Healer Professional Membership Association established to provide Professional Designations and Services to those in the Spiritual Healing Worldwide Communities - including but, not limited to Students, Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers of Spiritual Arts, Light/Energy Workers, Spiritual Workers, Seers, Guides, those with Multidimensional Abilities, Ministers, Masters, and those with any other Healing Gift or Talent.

ISHPA partners with several Approved Program who, Educate, Organize, Certify, License or Provide Services to Spiritual Healers.

ISHPA operates as a Certifying Agent, on behalf of some Approved Programs.

Our Mission & Purpose

ISHPA provides Professional Verification, Designations and Paths to Certification for Spiritual Healers Worldwide.

ISHPA assists those within the United States, Canada and other Countries to become Licensed Spiritual Healers.

ISHPA provides Approval Status to Spiritual Study Programs, Educators, Organizations and Service Providers.

ISHPA offers Resources and Referrals to our Spiritual Healer Members.

ISHPA promotes Spiritual Healer Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics.

ISHPA informs our Members of changes regarding Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Care.

ISHPA provides avenues for Connection, Empowerment and Community Building.

ISHPA - Code of Standards and Ethics

Adopted Code of Standards and Ethics as of August 1, 2019

- I will obtain Spiritual Coaching, Counseling or Peer Advise as needed regarding concerns and for personal growth.

- I will remain aware of my own needs and vulnerabilities, never seeking to meet my personal needs through my clients.

- I will demonstrate unconditional acceptance toward all clients, regardless of their beliefs.

- I will refer clients to another professional who can provide appropriate service if I am unable to properly/legally assist them.

- I will maintain a Current Informed Consent Form and utilize it with every client prior to providing services.

- I will maintain appropriate Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance.

- I will keep all client matters confidential unless hazardous for the client, another a person or by law must be disclosed.

- I will continue my personal and professional development by participating in Continuing Education regularly.

- I will support ISHPA mission and purpose to the best of my ability.

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